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Keith Braun

  • “Protection of Retirement Benefits: In re Lucas,” 70 Michigan Bar Journal 944 (1991). (PDF Not Available)
  • Co-Author: “The Florida Intangibles Tax-Do I Really Have to Pay It?” New York State Bar Association’s Trusts and Estates Law Section Newsletter (Fall, 1999) and Michigan Tax Lawyer (3rd Quarter 1999). [View PDF]
  • Co-Author: “Gifts of Works of Art to Charity,” Visions (January 1999) (PDF Not Available)
  • Co-Author: “Improvements Made to Florida’s Estate Tax Apportionment Statute,” ActionLine (Summer 2015)
  • Author: “Updating Florida’s Uniform Transfers to Minors Act,” ActionLine (Fall 2015)
  • Editor: The United Jewish Foundation Federated Endowment Fund’s Guide to Charitable Giving (1991).
  • Appearances on WXEL-TV’s “Wealth and Wisdom” and on WDJA-Radio’s “Capitalizing the Future

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