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Michael Singer

  • Can Physicians Protect their Assets?, On Call Magazine, December 1991 [View PDF]
  • Fighting the Statute of Limitations-Is There Hope?Florida Bar Journal Volume LXVI, Number 10, November 1992 [View PDF]
  • Are Qualified Plans Exempt in Bankruptcy? Patterson and Its Aftermath Part 1 | Part 2 Journal of Asset Protection, Part 1 in July-August 1997, Part 2 in September-October 1997 [View PDF]
  • Asset Protection Strategies, On Call Magazine, October 1998 [View PDF]
  • Can the Small Business Owner Survive Patterson?Journal of Asset Protection, Volume 5, Number 5, May-June 2000 [View PDF]
  • Almost Everything You Want to Know About Saving for College (Co-Author) Estate Tax Planning Advisor, in two consecutive issues, June-July 2002, Volume 1, Issues 5 and 6 [View PDF]
  • Licensure Issues in Going Bare, On Call Magazine, 2003
  • How Safe is the Tenancy by the Entirety?, On Call Magazine, February-March 2004 [View PDF]
  • Trends in Risk Management of Asset Protection, March 2005 [View PDF]
  • Representing Physicians Handbook, Author/Editor (PDF Not Available)
  • Asset Protection in Florida, The Florida Bar, “Editions One through six” (current) – Author – Tenancies by the Entireties (PDF Not Available)
  • The Florida Digital Assets Act – Ethical Issues in Representing Spouses in the Brave New Digital World, ActionLine, Florida Bar Real Property, Probate & Trust Law Section, Winter 2017

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