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Insurance Specialist Group and Boost Health Insurance Announce Merger

October 29, 2020 News

The combined companies post-merger will maintain the brand Boost Health Insurance to accelerate growth of the health insurance vertical

(BUSINESS WIRE) Insurance Specialist Group and Boost Health Insurance, two leading national marketing organizations, today announced that they have become one organization and are now one of the nation’s top health insurance sales organizations. The merged companies will feature a more diversified product offering and a substantially larger agency network for organic cross-selling opportunities.

ISG and BHI already have implemented strategic growth plans that will enhance each other’s market area of focus and sales distribution. The consumer brand will continue as “Boost Health Insurance” as the companies combine forces and can be accessed by visiting


“Boost Health Insurance is the ideal partner for ISG, as it has all the component parts and experienced management team that we have been seeking in a company to scale the business and expand our offerings,” said Scott Lingle, CEO of Insurance Specialist Group. “Boost provides a scalable operation with BHI’s Marketing, Compliance, Service Center, Sales Center and skilled Management Team, which will allow each of our companies to experience rapid exponential growth. We plan to offer a turnkey solution to ISG’s 100+ Agency call centers that are interested in expanding their product offering into the Medicare marketplace. We are excited about this partnership.”

Boost Health Insurance CEO Ryan Varela explains, “ISG is the perfect partner. Having industry veterans on our team and industry experience in the under 65 marketplace will help us build a top competing brand in the market. We also are excited to rapidly expand our distribution to more than 100 new agency partners. ISG and BHI together can “own” the market by being the top producer in both under and over 65 health plans nationally sold through agency call centers. With our experience in the agency call center industry, we are putting our technology and services to work for the growing market and expanding consumer need during the turbulent time of COVID-19 and beyond. We believe our combined model is a perfect fit for the future of Health Insurance distribution.”

The companies are working on operational synergies and executing its business plan. The companies are expected to complete consolidated 2020 financial audits in the 1st quarter of 2021 and are anticipated to show adjusted EBITDA numbers of $10m+ for 2020.


Insurance Specialist Group (ISG) is a national marketing distribution platform for health insurance products for individuals and families. With more than 40 carriers and 100+ products, ISG services the under 65 individual health insurance market. ISG’s distribution channels sell approximately 10,000 policies per month through approximately 100 insurance agency call center partners. ISG is one of the top producers of under 65 health insurance nationally


Boost Health Insurance (BHI) is a leading marketing company and distribution platform for health insurance products for individuals and families. BHI primarily services the over 65 Medicare marketplace. In addition to BHI’s highly impressive marketing engine, BHI’s has an internal insurance agency call center and 10+ agency call center partners. BHI also provides marketing to external partners in the health insurance marketplace. BHI is a top producer in the United States for over 65 health insurance.

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