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A Palm Beach County Estate Planning Law Firm

When you have spent your life working hard to grow your estate or business, you want to ensure that the fruits of your labor are protected for generations to come. A Palm Beach County estate and tax planning, probate and trust litigation, and administration law firm should be your trusted partner in this effort; providing practical, customized legal advice to fit your professional and personal needs and goals, both now and into the future. In addition, after loved ones have passed our law firm is here to help you administer their estates and trusts, and handle any and all disputes that arise from their passing.

We are as committed to protecting your assets as you have been about growing them. Our Florida estate and tax planning, probate and trust litigation, and administration law practice spans the full range of estate planning and wealth protection matters, allowing us to offer comprehensive, seamless and fully-integrated counsel on any inheritance-related issue. In addition, we offer a well-established and highly-regarded team that includes Board-certified specialists in tax and estate planning, as well as authors of Florida’s probate and trust statutes. Our law firm has the knowledge and experience you need to ensure that you have anticipated every contingency and are protected if disputes arise.

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Asset Protection Planning

Consistent with our clients’ overall estate and business planning goals, we provide strategic advice to appropriately shield or exempt assets from creditors and other claimants.

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Business Entities and Transactions

Starting with the selection of the appropriate entity, we work with clients to create integrated business plans that will provide an efficient legal framework for operating a business, owning an investment, and providing for that business’ succession.

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Charitable Planning

We advise on the selection and structuring of charitable giving vehicles that allow our clients to support issues close to their heart while obtaining maximum tax benefits.

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Trust and Estate Administration

We advise and assist clients with the estate and trust administration process following the death of a family member or loved one, including the distribution of assets through probate or as directed in the decedent’s will or trust.

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Estate, Trust, Probate and Guardianship Litigation

Our Palm Beach Gardens estate law firm provides representation to clients in complex trust, estate and guardianship disputes. This includes will contests, trust contests, contested guardianships, objections to accountings, and elective share proceedings regarding the rights of surviving spouses. We serve as certified mediators in estate, trust and probate litigation and advocate zealously for our clients’ interests while helping them and their family members reach a mutually acceptable solution that respects their loved one’s final wishes.

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Executive Compensation

We advise business owners and executives on various executive compensation issues including bonuses, incentive plans and deferred compensation, as well as focus on the tax consequences of structuring these arrangements.

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Health Care

We offer health care professionals insight into how to properly create a medical practice or venture, including formation and structuring, licensing, employment agreements, taxation and risk management.

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Tax and Estate Planning

With a number of Board Certified tax lawyers, our firm is a recognized leader in Florida tax and estate planning. We regularly advise clients on the tax implications of their estate plans, and we work with them to develop and implement effective strategies to minimize their own tax liability and the future tax liability of their heirs and descendants. We are particularly known for our depth of experience advising clients with large estates.

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The Benefits Of Choosing Comiter, Singer, Baseman & Braun As Your Palm Beach County Estate Planning Law Firm.

We Invest In Relationships

At our firm, we believe that good estate and business planning is a multi-generational effort. By forming and maintaining strong, long-held relationships with our clients, we can continually protect their interests over time as their families and businesses change. We earn our clients’ loyalty by giving candid, honest advice and by treating our clients’ concerns like they are our own.

We Provide Comprehensive Estate and Business Planning Counsel

Given our range of practice areas, our firm can offer legal guidance on nearly any estate or inheritance-related matter. We can leverage a deep bench of experienced attorneys in order to give you the best advice in each situation. Further, we approach estate, business and tax planning comprehensively. Our attorneys routinely design and implement strategies to harmonize business, tax, and wealth transfer planning consistent with our clients’ “big picture” goals.

We Offer Innovative, Customized Solutions

Whether you are restructuring a multi-faceted business transaction or litigating a complex inheritance dispute, our goal is to develop the optimal solution for your unique needs. Although estate planning can be complex and sometimes contentious, we like to say that there are no difficult cases. We pride ourselves on devising innovative and creative “outside the box” strategies that provide outstanding results for our clients. We devote the same care and attention to each client, regardless of the size of their estate or the complexity of the issues involved.

We Are Highly-Skilled Professionals

Comiter, Singer, Baseman & Braun LLP is uniquely positioned in the Palm Beach County market to provide sophisticated estate and tax planning as well as aggressive advocacy when disputes and litigation occur. Our Palm Beach County estate law firm has exceptional credentials, including numerous CPAs and Board Certified tax lawyers, and our attorneys have been recognized as leaders in Florida tax and estate planning by legal industry publications. In addition, our partners have authored treatises on asset protection, medical practice administration, tax, and other estate-related topics, which are regularly used as reference materials for estate and tax practitioners throughout Florida.

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