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Beware of Annual Report Scams

January 31, 2019 CSBB Blog

Each year if you have a Florida Business Entity such as a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or Foundation, the State requires that you pay a renewal fee in varying amounts. For many of you we provide this service at a nominal cost. Others renew their entities directly online.

In the coming weeks you will see numerous correspondence purporting to be from agencies that appear to be “official”. These agencies will instruct you that you have to complete your annual report (through them) and also tell you that you need a certificate of status. These entities are not agencies of the State and these items you get in the mail are all solicitations. You may go online directly to renew your entity at or if we provide this service, we will do so for you. If you are going to file the report directly, please let us know immediately (by February 10, 2019) or we will assume that we will continue to file for your entity if we have done so in the past. In any event, please disregard the notices you receive in the mail from so called “State of Florida Agencies” and other agencies, looking to do your annual report, or sell you a certificate of status. The fees that they are charging are substantially higher than the state and there is no guarantee that your work will actually get done.

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