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Author: Devon Goldberg

Did You Just Pledge Everything You Own? The Eleventh Circuit’s Surprising Decision Opens Avenue for Creditors to Access Exempt Assets

January 18, 2023 Asset Protection

Chapter 222 of the Florida Statutes contains the statutory exemptions that protect certain assets from attachment or garnishment under Florida law.  Historically, the statutory exemptions have been liberally construed in favor of protecting the debtor against creditor claims to exempt assets.  A recent, albeit unpublished decision from the United States…

“F” Reorganization – Understanding the Pre-Closing Transaction En Vogue for Strategic Buyer Acquisitions

May 26, 2022 Business Entities and Transactions

When a business owner receives a letter of intent from a buyer to purchase their business, the business owner may be surprised to learn that the transaction is contingent on the underlying business entity engaging in an “F” reorganization.  The business owner may be curious as to why a potential…

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