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CSBB Senior Counsel, Mark R. Brown nominated to lead the Tax Section

July 10, 2020 News

The Florida Bar Tax Section Nominating Committee has nominated Mark R. Brown of West Palm Beach to serve as the 2021-2022 chair-elect.

Brown is senior counsel with Comiter, Singer, Baseman & Braun and concentrates in the areas of wills and trusts, domicile planning, probate administration, and estate tax and income planning. Brown, who has practiced in Palm Beach County for over 20 years, earned his B.S. degree, summa cum laude, in accounting from the State University of New York at Albany and his J.D. from Duke University School of Law.

Brown is board certified in both wills, trusts & estates and tax law and is also a certified public accountant.

Brown has served as treasurer of the Tax Section and is a past president of the East Coast Estate Planning Council and the Palm Beach Tax Institute. Brown is also a member of the Business & Professional cabinet of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County. Brown received formal recognition for “exceptional pro bono service” in 2017 from the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County.

The Tax Section Bylaws provide that petitions setting forth the names of other nominees for the office of chair-elect may be made by any 10 members of the section. Those petitions must be filed with Tax Section Secretary Micah Fogarty no later than September 15. to allow inclusion on a written ballot. Nominations for the office of chair-elect will not be permitted unless the nominations have been timely made and in the manner described in the Tax Section Bylaws, Article III, Section 2(b). If there is only one nomination for the office of chair-elect, that nominee will become chair-elect.

The term of office of the chair-elect runs concurrently with that of the chair and begins on July 1 after the section’s Annual Meeting at which the chair-elect is elected and ends on the succeeding June 30, when the chair-elect automatically assumes the office of chair.

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